National Hispanic Heritage Month

The National Hispanic Heritage Month Maker Challenge

National Hispanic Heritage Month is a recognition of Hispanic and Latino American contributions to the United States as well as a celebration of Hispanic/Latino culture and heritage. The celebration runs from September 15 through October 15th.


The National Hispanic Heritage Month Maker Challenge encourages students and the maker community to create and share content related to Hispanic/Latino culture and heritage. The first year of the challenge saw ELL, Art and Spanish classes creating digitally fabricated art pieces for a world audience. Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month by adding to the growing collection.

See the Hispanic and Latino Heritage and Culture collection on Thingiverse

Join the National Hispanic Heritage Month group on Thingiverse

Examples for students to use as a model for posting and key wording. and and

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Spanish language resources for designing in a free 3D design program called Tinkercad.

Inkscape tutorials in Spanish and

I am very hopeful that this MakerEd project will bring even more diversity to Thingiverse while giving students a rewarding maker learning experience that integrates hands on learning with their content area.

This project embraces our school district One to the World initiative. Find out more here

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