Design Make Teach is a blog about MAKING in the classroom. MAKING is a process that engages students in thinking, making and sharing.

My name is Josh Ajima. I am a teacher. I believe that I can MAKE a difference.

In 2012, I helped plan a TEDx event. My TEDx wish was for a 3D printer for my school. When that wish didn’t magically come true, I decided to MAKE it happen and bought a 3D printer out of personal funds. I now DESIGN, MAKE and SHARE lessons on MAKING in the classroom.

I made the sign. Letters created with a CNC machine.

I made the sign. Letters created with a CNC machine.

This blog is part of my personal professional development and a model of the DESIGN, MAKE, SHARE process.

I give demos, presentations and workshops on 3D printing, technology integration and professional development. I am located in Northern Virginia.

Contact me if you are interested in helping schools with 3D printing and digital fabrication.

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11/05/2019: VA4LE – Presenter

10/13/2019: MakerEd Convening – Presenter (program)

07/16/2019: Constructing Modern Knowledge – Attendee

07/12/2019: Smithsonian Teacher Innovator Institute – Workshop

06/12/2019: Inspire Loudoun – Presenter (program)

06/02/2019: NoVa Maker Faire – Student Exhibit Sponsor (program)

03/21/2019: LCPS Student Maker Showcase – Organizer

03/10/2019: Columbia FabLearn Conference – Attendee

12/04/2018: VSTE – Attendee

10/07/2018: Construct3D 2018 – 0 Things Hackathon – Organizer (article)

07/18/2018: Smithsonian Teacher Innovator Institute: Workshop (resources)

07/10/2018: Constructing Modern Knowledge – Attendee

06/23/2018: ERRF 2018 – Presenter (video) (interview)

06/09/2018: NomCon – Presenter (program)

05/03/2018: LCPS Student Maker Showcase: Keynote Speaker & Organizer

02/06/2018: TCEA – Featured Presenter (resources)

12/08/2017: ACTE – Presenter (workshop resources) (article)

12/04/2017: VSTE Innovative Educator of the Year (announcement)

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06/28/2017: ISTE – Panelist (program) (blog)

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10/15/2016: FabLearn 2016 Conference – Fellow (program)(blog)

10/02/2016: Moat Boat Paddle Battle: Maker Faire NY – 2nd Place

10/01/2016: Maker Faire NY panelist: Winners Tell All: The CTE Makeover Challenge (program)

09/25/2016: Maker Faire Silver Spring: CTE Makeover Challenge (program)

09/07/2016: Stanford FabLearn Fellow (announcement)(application)

06/19/2016: National Maker Faire: 3D Printing in the Classroom (program)

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03/09/2016: Dominion Cluster Evening with the Arts – exhibitor (photo)

03/07/2016: Cited in Academic Journal (abstract)

03/05/2016: Virginia Council of Teachers of Mathematics (VCTM) Conference: 3D Printing in the Math Classroom – featured presenter (program)(blog)

02/07/2016: Curated Space – Babel: Outsider Art Fair – 2nd place (announcement)

01/12/2016: Inventables 50 States Carver Contest Winner – team lead (announcement)

12/14/2015: Ultimaker Community Contest – winner (blog)

12/06/15: VSTE 2015 Conference Committee: Hackerspace (committee)

11/05/15: Barnes and Noble Mini Maker Faire – presenter

11/2015: Make Magazine Issue 48: Othermill Review – author (article)

09/26/15: Maker Faire NY: 3D Printing in the Classroom (program) (presentation)

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03/08/2014: Cold Wars 2014: Introduction to 3D Printing – presenter

2/22/14: Pecha-Kucha Night D.C. – Vol. 19 – presenter (website) (article)

2/11/2014: 2014 VILS Virtual Conference: Making in the Classroom – presenter (website) (presentation)

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12/10/2013 VSTE 2013: Getting Started with Makerspaces and 3D Printing (resources) (YouTube)
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