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Cherokee Language Syllabary for 3D Design in Tinkercad

A Cherokee Language Syllabary for students designing 3D projects in Tinkercad.

Mom Ear Saver

Show your Mom you care. Download and 3D print a Mom Ear Saver strap.

Mom Gimbal

Download and 3D print a print-in-place spinny gimbal design for your Mom.

Mom Card

MOM Card is perfect for every situation. Download and 3D print this free model for your MOM.

Mom Bowl

Free Mom Bowl model for 3D printing. Scale and use as a planter, candy dish or necklace holder.

March For Our Lives Signs

On March 24, 2018, students across the nation led March for our Lives to end gun violence. “Not one more. We cannot allow one more child to be shot at school. We cannot… Continue reading

Flexy Tree Ornament

Flexy Tree Ornament for flexible 3D printing fun.

3D Model: 2018 Mini Gimbal Set

Welcome the New Year with the mini 2018 Gimbal set. Includes a standard, ornament and straw-topper gimbal. 3D printed party favors that are fun for kids and adults. Blow gently to spin the gimbal.

3D Model: 2018 Gimbal

2018 Gimbal 3D printed 2018 gimbal, perfect as a table top decoration or a party favor. Break in your new 3D printer or filament with this print in place design. Requires a decently… Continue reading

3D Model: Pumpkin Moustache

Outfit your pumpkin with a jaunty moustache for the holidays. Perfect for a hipster, pirate or even a prohibition themed pumpkin. Or turn off the porch light after the last trick-or-treater and slap… Continue reading

3D Model: Virginia Topographic Map

Virginia Topographic Map Topographic map of Virginia created with a fabulous tutorial by @anoved. Creating height maps of large regions. Model was requested several years ago by an elementary teacher for use as… Continue reading

3D Model: Memorial Day – Dog Tag

A simple set of dog tags to represent the service and sacrifice of the military.