WIP 005: AR Explorations

I am interested in the intersection of the physical and digital worlds. 3D printing and digital fabrication empowers students to learn by creating and remixing digital designs and then producing physical models. Augmented… Continue reading

Building a New Makerspace – Resources

I was recently asked to give a presentation and makerspace tour for a learning environment conference hosted at my school. The audience was architects, furnishing sellers, edtech distributors and Virginia educators currently in… Continue reading

Exploring Math with Digital Fabrication

Series of Tweets showing the ongoing collaboration between math teacher and makerspace facilitator in the use of digital fabrication to create hands-on learning experiences for students. Rapid prototyping of math demonstration. This iteration using… Continue reading

Google My Maps – 3D Printing on the Map

Quick experiment today using Google My Maps as a way for students to use technology to visualize and present information. A personal map that I’ve made using Google My Maps is a Virginia… Continue reading

0 Things Hackathon: Live Blog

The 0 Things Hackathon is starting at 6:30pm tonight at the Construct3D conference hotel lobby. Participants will be designing and publishing models in areas that aren’t currently represented in the world of 3D… Continue reading

Silhouette Alta – Live Unboxing

Unboxing the new Silhouette Alta 3D printer. I wrote about the Silhouette Alta announcement previously https://designmaketeach.com/2018/06/28/silhouette-alta-3d-printer-announced/. Received this printer for free as part of a content creation deal with Silhouette to write a… Continue reading

Your Makerspace Should Be On Amazon

Creating sustainable makerspaces is difficult and makerspaces need to use every trick available. Here are some ideas for leveraging Amazon to support your makerspace. Wishlist: You should have a makerspace wishlist with items… Continue reading

CMK18 – Eat to Learn

[First in a series of posts reflecting on my experiences at Constructing Modern Knowledge (CMK) 2018 in Manchester, NH. CMK is billed as “a minds-on institute for educators committed to creativity, collaboration and… Continue reading

Photo: Denver Fueling

One of the central elements of my Design, Make, Share model for MAKING in the classroom is sharing the story of the learning process with the world. I call it going from bits to… Continue reading

Silhouette Alta 3D Printer Announced

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed this week and was pleasantly surprised by the new Silhouette Alta 3D printer announcement. The Alta is a $299 delta style 3D printer with a 116 mm… Continue reading

ERRF 2018 Interviews

Here are my video interviews from the East-Coast Rep Rap Festival 2018 held June 23rd to 24th in Bel Air, Maryland. It was a fantastic event bringing together the east coast 3D printing… Continue reading

STL to USDZ Conversion

Apple, in partnership with Pixar,  has announced a new USDZ file format for AR content. Adobe has stated that their Creative Cloud software will be supporting USDZ natively. I’m very interested in converting… Continue reading