Foldable Cube on Thingiverse

I just posted my first original design for a 3D printed foldable cube on Thingiverse.

Thingiverse is a repository of designs that you can download for free and print on a 3D printer. This is a great place for teachers and student to start exploring the world of 3D printing. It is also a great place for students to publish finished designs and can make a great culminating project for students. Users of Thingiverse are encouraged to remix, redesign or customize the work of others and then share the work back.

Design – Make – Share : These are the 3 components to create a learning environment that encourages student Makers. As a teacher, the Foldable Cube is my first example of how this process work.

3D printed foldable cube.

Foldable Cube in action.

Foldable cube in flat mode

Foldable Cube Design preview