Happy Earth Day! Trash Monster

Happy Earth Day!

Challenge: My 1st grade daughter was given a class assignment to create a Trash Monster out of recycled materials for Earth Day.

Design: Drawing the design wasn’t technically part of the assignment but it helped tremendously. My daughter collected likely items from the recycle bin. She brainstormed some ideas and then made this sketch. Key idea was that the trash monster would have a baby.

Trash Monster Design

Make: Here is the build. Milk container, yogurt containers, tops to squeezy apple sauce, tissue paper, chop sticks, pen tops, googly eyes, duck tape and glue. We did have a discussion about how durable toilet paper rolls would be for something she would take on the bus. I hot glued the eyes and the baby to the daddy. MAKING doesn’t have to be high tech.
Trash Monster Make

Share: Students shared the trash monster in class.

Trash Monster Share