Mobile Makerspace v1: 3D Printer on the Go

My Current Mobile Makerspace


I have been carrying my 3D printer (Printrbot LC) with power supply, laptop, filament, tools and camera back and forth between home and school in a large storage container. I’ve managed to do this every school day without any accidents (fingers crossed). Recently, I have had lots of requests to demo the 3D printer in classrooms and other schools. It is time for an upgrade. Key criteria: easy to transport, easy to setup, professional looks and equipment safety. I searched the local hardware store and found a great solution.

Mobile Makerspace: Printrbot Jr Edition

PortableMakerspace3 PortableMakerspace4

The Stanley Fat Max 4-in-1 Mobile Work Station has room for a Printrbot Jr with filament in the bottom compartment, a small laptop in the top and plenty of rooms for tools and Makerspace equipment in the middle and the top tool tray. This is an excellent portable solution that can collapse into travel mode and extend out into a full work station. When collapsed the work station is about the size of a large wheeled suitcase. The work station doesn’t tilt much when traveling so the 3D printer shouldn’t get knocked out of alignment. It is top heavy so will need to be strapped down in a car to keep it from falling over on turns. The Printrbot Jr just barely fits in the bottom compartment in fully extended mode. However, the Printbot Jr can fold up and gives quite a bit of room once you figure out how to collapse it. The Mobile Makerspace bringing MAKING to the classroom!

One Big Problem

I actually own a Printrbot LC not a Printrbot Jr. My 3D printer doesn’t even come close to fitting in the work station. The Printrbot Jr belongs to the school divisions science specialist. So, I am back to the big storage tub for the moment. The ideal solution would allow me to roll into a classroom, plugin and start printing right from the cart. If you have any ideas, please post them in the comments or Twitter @designmaketeach or Facebook at I think there is a great deal of potential in the Mobile Makerspace. If someone wants to develop a custom solution, I would be happy to be a beta tester.