Brainstorm 14: 3D Printing & Makerspaces Live Blog


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Emotive Epoc Neuroheadset: controlling the computer directly with your brain.

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Exploring virtual environments with Oculus Rift at #brainstorm2014

1pm: Kicking off 3D Printing and Makerspaces session.

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10am: Designing Visuals for any Content Area with Diane Wilcox and Jane Thrall. (Creating strong content area visuals is definitely a skill I can use.)

-Brain processes visual information 60,000 faster than text!
-Visual aids can improve learning as much as 400%.
-Images are replacing words.
-Decorative images can impede learning.
-Decorative borders and unrelated clip art is bad.
-Made content area poster using

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9am: Here at Brainstorm 2014 conference. Ready for Kim Wilkens @kimxtom keynote. Look for periodic updates through the day.

Computer science should be like magic at Hogwarts, infused throughout the curriculum.

Hogwarts has Defense Against the Dark classes. We should teach students how to defend themselves against the dangers of technology in the same way.

Tips from Kim Wilkens, founder of Tech-Girls,

1. Ask Students
2. Learn Together
3. Find Inspiration
4. Connect with Others
5. Start Small