Fujita Scale: 3D Design Challenge

The Fujita Scale 3D Design Challenge is to create a series of 3D printable models that illustrate the categories of tornado damage from F0-F5. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fujita_scale 

Entries will be judged on 3 Criteria:
Accuracy: Do the models accurately represent the Fujita Scale categories? ie. Would the majority of meteorologists or engineers in the field agree with the classifications?
Realism: Do the models show realistic man made structures and vegetation?
Printability: Can the models be printed on the majority of consumer FDM printers?
Bonus Category: Description of design process, the models and/or tornado info.

Prize: 3D Design Champion card. Physical card mailed within US. Digital card for international winners. Designs received before 4/30/21014  and published in a public repository are eligible for the prize. Either link as a remix to the Thingiverse  Fujita Scale: 3D Design Challenge page or post a link to other location in the comments.


At a local 2013 STEM camp, one of the programs was an investigation into natural disasters. The teacher for the programs shared the handout they used in the past to illustrate tornado damage based on the Fujita Scale. The handout showed a small thumbnail photo for each category. The types of building and locations were very different. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enhanced_Fujita_scale for an example of the types of photos. The teacher asked if I could design and 3D print models illustrating the various tornado intensities on the same base house model. I created the designs below in Tinkercad.  The models were 3D printed and gave STEM camp student tactile models to understand how tornado damage is assessed. The models are very rough and the hope is that the 3D Design community can create a set of useful models for students in the classroom.

The Tinkercad models are available for remixing at
*Note: Somehow the F4 model disappeared. Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 10.28.16 PM