Update #1: The Incredible 3D Printing Gumball Gallery


First batch of models printed to test scale

Thank you for the strong support for The Incredible 3D Printing Gumball Gallery. I’ve received some great responses on the blog, Twitter and Instagram. The story was even picked up by the 3D printing media. (http://3dprintingindustry.com/2014/11/03/incredible-3d-printing-gumball-gallery/) Based on the feedback, I went ahead and ordered a 25″ Big Pro – Toy Capsule Vending Machine that should arrive late on November 11th. Originally, I had been thinking about trying to crowdfund the project, mainly as an experiment to share with students about the process. Kacie Hultgren gave me the advice that I should be sure that I wanted to be accountable to the crowd. I think it is more important that I be accountable to the designers and artists that are participating in the project.

Update #1 is meant to involve the participants in the development process. The first thing is that I ordered the vending machine as free spin. Models from the machine will be free. I don’t want anyone thinking I have a profit motive here, which is another reason why I didn’t crowdfund. I also didn’t want to deal with taxes or permits for vending machines. Right now everything is out of pocket. (Using check from writing Make Magazine review.) That isn’t to say I wouldn’t mind receiving an art grant or a sponsorship. 🙂

I am grateful to all the designers and artist that are participating. Take a look at the list and I think you’ll agree that these are truly some world class artists and designers. I’ve started running test prints on the first four models and think they look great together and as a whole collection. I have a number of other designers that are working out which model they want to include.

Heroes of 3D Printing – Designers and Artist Series: #1
Laura Taalman – @mathgrrl – Print-In-Place Fidget Cube (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:230139)
Asher Namias – @Dizingof – Klein Bottle – Math Art (http://www.3dizingof.com/3D-Printing/shop/for-home-3d-printers/klein-bottle-math-art-by-dizingof/)
Chris Krueger – @TheNewHobbyist – Printable 3D Skill Badge (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:20101)
Kacie Hultgren – PrettySmallThings – Miniature Queen Anne Chair (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:13391)

IMG_6472 IMG_6488

Fred Kahl – @fredini – Kewpie doll scan?
Tom Burtonwood – @tburtonwood – Pez related item?
Christina Chun – @christinachun – original design?
Carla Diana – @CarlaDiana_ – Gumball figure?
Isaac Budmen – @ibudmen – ?
Mark Durbin – MakeALot – ?
Wayne Losey – @modio3D – ?
Bill Owens – @owens_bill – Menger sponge with external support (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:238551)

The next step for each model is to design the insert which will include Name, Twitter handle or Thingiverse username, a 2-5 word bio, a website or design portfolio link and a brief explanation of the design principle illustrated in the model or how the model breaks conventional expectations.

At this point, I need more models for testing. I could also use help with graphic design, especially if anyone thinks they can really do 80s vending machine art justice. I’ll also consider naming ideas. Please provide feedback throughout the process and help awesomize The Incredible 3D Printing Gumball Gallery.

Please, please let me know if you see me doing something wrong especially if it involves your info or design.