Brainstorm: SXSWedu 2016 Proposal

Let’s start out by saying, I don’t really know why I would go to the SXSWedu education conference. It is far away, I’d have to pay out of pocket, and I’m probably not cool enough. I’m applying partially because @WickedDecent at ISTE 2015 said I would dig the energy of the conference. Greg Rosenbaum, SXSWedu coordinator, also had a booth in the ISTE 2015 vendor hall encouraging folks to attend and submit ideas.

Here is my hastily thrown together proposal.

Digital Fabrication: Student Art Exhibits

Description: What if a bunch of educators got together to share examples of digitally fabricated student art? What if those teachers collaborated to plan and execute student art exhibits that utilize technologies such as 3D printing, vinyl cutting, laser cutting, CNC, Scratch programs and physical computing devices? A combination of brainstorming session, art exhibit and collaborative art exhibitor planning meeting. Starter ideas include 3D printed Gumball Galleries, Interactive Art Synthesizers and vinyl graffiti art walls. Work together to create awesome opportunities for students to explore new media and technologies and express ideas involving art, history and culture.

Learning Objectives:

-Digital fabrication empowers students to express themselves, their history and culture through art.

-Sharing of digital fabrication files empowers student collaboration on art exhibits for both local and global audiences.

-Student art featuring the medium of digital fabrication empowers students as connected members of technology rich communities.

Teaser Video: