Brainstorm: One to the World Project Idea

Sitting in a PD session with some of the greatest colleagues ever. We are woking on translating traditional projects to One to the World.


Original Project: 4th graders worked on a project to support a healthier environment for one of Loudoun’s 3 endangered species, The Sphagnum Sprite, the Wood turtle and the Frosted Elfin. The project fits into the Virginia Studies and the Life Sciences for 4th grade SOLs.

One to the World includes 4 key elements.

The sample projects meets 2 of the criteria.

  1. Significant Content and Competencies. Virginia Studies and the Life Sciences for 4th grade SOLs.
  2. Authentic Challenging Problems in the World: Endangered species in Loudoun.

The sample project could be expanded to meet two other criteria of One to the World.

3. Public products for the World: Awareness videos, create habitats in the school.

4. Connected with the World: Video conference with Government, Extension Agents, George Mason and other Universities and Museums.

Resources for the wood turtle courtesy of Jay Raines: