Making Connections at Maker Faire Week

Maker Faire Week runs from Thursday, September 24th to Sunday, September 27th and encompasses MakerCon, Make: Education Forum and World Maker Faire New York.

I have a ton of people to make connections with and things to see over the week and need a place to write it all down to keep it straight. I also have a few small tokens of appreciation for some folks that I don’t want to forget. Please let me know if I’ve missed you. @designmaketeach

@createdbysteph (GG) @shawng @DHFBaltimore : These educators are doing amazing work in Baltimore with after-school #makered and professional development. Always inspiring.

@mifga (GG): Super smart, super curious, awesome guy, part of Make magazine’s digital fabrication team. Geek out about cutting plotters.

@MichaelD_33 : Twitter @Bittblock

Make: Education Forum
@MsATesta : #makered pal

@dalepd @make @makerfaire hosts (GG)

World Maker Faire NY
@make @cjyohe Digital Fabrication Test Team: Hangout with 2014 & 2015 crew. Eat soup dumplings.

@joshburker (GG) : Want to buy a signed copy of his book. Inspires me to push forward my #makered thinking and projects. Time to meet IRL.

@fredini (GG+) : Mind blowing #3dprinted Coney Island & scanning. Artist in my Heroes of 3D Printing series for the Gumball Gallery.

@mathgrrl (GG+) : Incredible designer and math wizard now working on great things for @thingiverse team. Geek out about sharing designs for digital fabrication, community building and education in the Thingiverse ecosystem. Artist in my Heroes of 3D Printing series for the Gumball Gallery.

@Printrbot (BH GG): Brook Drumm is an inventing machine. Want to hear about the latest releases.

@ecken (BH GG): One of the first folks on Twitter that gave me feedback & support. Creates incredible project @adafruit and with @videopixil. Another must meet IRL.

@amyhurst (PP): Potential collaboration to make #3dprinted grip for students with disabilities to better use interactive whiteboard pen. Also potential for service learning project.

@PrintedSolid (GG): Gumball Gallery inspiration. Mini-maker faire neighbor. Blog and project supporter.

@proto_pasta (DD): Instagram pal and project supporter.

@nova_labs local #makerspace

@makersmiths folks. My #makerspace

@mrnavas #makered

@Tinkercad My favorite 3D modeling tool. They recently made me a #TinkerStar Say hi to Andy Taylor. Check out @ProjectIgnite .Also see what @AutoDesk is up to.

@formlabs Check out the Form 2. Craig Johnson.

@MattStultz: Moat Boat Paddle Battle Team: PHOTOBOOTH2_0 on Instagram.

@ultimaker @typeamachines @3dmonstr : Students are considering these 3D printers for a grant proposal. Want to print full sized helmets and quad-copters in multiple materials.

DesignMakeTeach & Proto-Pasta DesignMakeTeach & The Great Fredini

Update: Met up with almost everyone on the list. Great fun.