When You See Stars Wars Think My Content Area VSTE15

I’m in my hotel room in Roanoke, VA cutting out Yoda snow flakes on a Cameo Silhouette cutting plotter. I’m preparing for the opening of the annual Virginia Society for Technology in Education (VSTE) conference. There is an unofficial Star Wars theme to the conference coinciding with a tsunami of new Star Wars movie promotions permeating every available media outlet.


My hope is that educators will come to the VSTE Hackerspace and try out the Cameo Silhouette as one type of digital fabrication tool that could be useful in the classroom. My fear is that attendees will miss the classroom potential and only see this activity as a continuation of the theme.

So here is my message to educators at VSTE 15:

When you see Star Wars, think My Content Area.

Ask yourself how you can apply this idea or tool to showcase your content. Instead of Yoda Snowflakes, what if they were Einstein Snowflakes or Shakespeare Snowflakes or Solubility Law Snowflakes or Sine Snowflakes?

Yoda Snowflake design converted from http://anthonyherreradesigns.com/index.php/snowflake-patterns/star-wars-snowflakes/star-wars-2012-collection

Let me know what you think. Come make your own snowflake and talk to me at the VSTE Hackerspace or leave a comment or contact me on Twitter @DesignMakeTeach