Lithophane Test Card


Lithophane Test Cards are designed to help users determine the optimal print settings for 3D printed lithophanes. Variables such as filament color, opacity, slicer settings and lighting display conditions can have a dramatic effect on the appearance of the final image. The Lithophane Test Cards allows users to dial in an appropriate lithophane model height to reliably achieve the desired contrast under the final lighting setup.

Lithophane Test Card files can be found at Test cards are included at 3mm, 5mm or 10mm test heights. These test card can be scaled in the z-axis before slicing to fine tune the settings.

The Lithophane Test Cards were created using the Test Card image at and converted into an STL via the awesome by @MarkDurbin104

These cards were developed as a tool for a Lithophane Selfie project in a high school photography class.


*The Lithophane Test Card is a lost blog post. I though I had published the model and spent hours searching for it. Apparently, I had posted a teaser on Instagram but didn’t receive any feedback and lost track of the files at the end of the school year.