WIP 001: Stamp Attack

Warning: This post documents Work In Progress. If you want a polished product, this is not the post you are looking for. Learn more in WIP 000.

Welcome to WIP 001 a first step in journaling my progress in all things #DigiFab #FabLearn #MakerEd #makerspace. For those interested in the details. I’m drafting the text of this post on the fly using iA Writer on my iPhone synced to Dropbox. Photos and video are posted to Twitter and Instagram. I’m assembling the WIP post on my laptop. Usually it takes 2-3 hours to put together a post. I’m hoping that with all the pre-work done I can publish in under 20 min.

I’ve been working with the art department at my school to bring digital fabrication tools into their classroom. An art teacher has invited me into to demo the Othermill CNC for her class.Starting Point: Mill stamps out of linoleum blocks for class using Othermill.


Idea: digital fabrication allows the same source file to be used for multiple projects.

Idea: digital design allows experimentation with physical form.

To Try: creating prints using other digital fabrication methods.

  • Stamps from 3D prints!
  • Embossing design using CNC circuit board stencil!
  • 3D printed stencils?
  • Laser cut wood block prints?
  • Laser cut stamps?
  • Embossing entire 3D printed plate using press?
  • Rubbing medallion?
  • Formlabs Flexible Resin?
  • 3D print using NinjaFlex/SemiFlex?
  • Magic Stamp!

Experiment: 3D Printed Stamp
1. 3D print (PLA) straight off the printer.
2. Stamp sanded to level top.
3. Stamp primed with gesso before stamping



Attempt to use Modge Podge (glitter) to seal top of stamp


Found this photo from Albany airport. Idea for lesson here.


Using window as a light box


3D Print > Magic Stamp > Ink Print

Experiment: YouTube FabLearn Superstar! Digital media. Trying for one take/minimum viable product. Tried OBS on Mac but it lags bad. Need better lighting.

Article Idea: Incredible Maker Day! Art class demo. PD. Quarter project. Hallway TEI. Maker Club. Club cards for teachers.

Article Idea: Scaling Up. Making a broader impact. VSTE conference. TRT meeting. Tour. NOVA Mini Maker Faire

Article Idea: Gary Stager Hurt My Feelings! Explore anti-hour of code tweets. Anti-exemplar tweet. Vs. Trying to scale. Thor drinking ocean. Point of engagement.

OK! 30 minutes in to posting this. Time to publish!

Thanks for reading. Leave me suggestions in the comments or contact me on Twitter @DesignMakeTeach