WIP 003: All About Sharing

Problem: How do students share their 3D designs with the world?

I’m a 3D printing enthusiast in the world of education and believe me when I say I understand the challenges of classroom implementation. Design / Printing / Sharing
How to have each student contribute?
Screenshots, Tinkercad embeds, Sketchfab, video, renders.

Edith Ackermann Tribute: FabLearn Fellows post with Lessons from Edith Ackermann. (Overdue)

Remix Culture: Gimbals and flexy designs. How digital fabrication lends itself to remixing objects and why that can be a good thing in the makerspace.


Idea: Digital Fabrication as applied to project like http://www.nybeyondsight.org/

Idea: American understanding of history is tied to things. Objects in museums that are the focus of stories. Other cultures have oral traditions, an understanding of history through songs and stories. Digital Fabrication of artifacts as way to understand history.

Article Idea: Mobile Maker Cart guide. Knolling the maker totes. Buying suggestions.


Article Idea: Flexy design iteration and workflow.


Article Idea: MLK Design Challenge. March on Washington button. Ebenezer Baptist Church sign.


Question: Should I host my 3D designs on my website as separate posts in addition to posting on Thingiverse? Or should I put up an article about the design and have the model on Thingiverse?

Article Idea: Writing is a form of making. Ideas for digital writing.

To Do: Donate makerspace kit to local school that wants to create a makerspace. Loan out a 3D printer with set of Print It Forward items.