WIP 005: More Questions Than Answers


My son’s Peace and Love car entry into the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby. A maker rite of passage for scouting family in the US. (My daughter’s Girl Scout troop also participates in an annual derby.) Woodshop Cowboy published a blog post this week about the experience of making a Pinewood Derby car in the home makerspace.

My kid’s school had a One to the World night where students presented public products created in the classroom to a community audience. 5th grade students made cardboard game creations for the Probability Faire.


Question: Electronic journal alternatives? Chronicle important events include media in an open format that has options for cloud storage. BulletJournal.com as a note taking system. 

Idea: Maker educators in charge of large formal spaces need to be exemplars of organization. Explicitly teach organizational/journaling/documenting skills. Prevent creative log jams? WIP posts w/ iAWriter system is helping capture ideas and rapidly post drafts…

Question: How to spend the FabLearn Fellows stipend? Attending CMK 2017 and FabLearn 2017 would pretty much blow the whole amount. Thanks to CTE Makeover Challenge prize, I am good on ‘stuff’. What other possibilities are there for the money? Is there a way to help other people?

Woot: $1,000 in store credit from Shapeways as a prize in the US Department of Education’s CTE Makeover Challenge. Looking for ideas on how to best utilize Shapeways in our education workflow. Prototype designs using school FDM printer but send designs needing specialty materials or processes (color) to Shapeways?

Blog Idea: Exploring differences between STEM/STEAM, science exploration, science experiment, engineering challenge, making and MakerEd/FabLearn. The fine lines that change a project from one category to another. (Probability Fair, Moat Boat Paddle Battle, Pinewood Derby, etc.)

Project Idea/Questions: Consulting with ELL teacher on possible project to do with an orphanage in Guatemala. Teacher visits the school to volunteer annually. How to connect her current ELL social science students in US with students in Guatemala? Possible maker project, blogging, podcast. Trying to find a common theme such as global citizenship. Could also do something like a collaborative art project. Students in Guatemala have access to technology including iPads/laptops and reliable internet but we don’t know what maker tools they have or are available. Big issues trying to send materials and equipment to Guatemala as high potential for things to be confiscated. Do we know any makers, maker spaces, 3D printers, digital fabrication centers in Guatemala City? Need local knowledge.

Question: How are people recording webinars or video conference calls nowadays? Want to be able to record international group of participants with a reliable free or low cost solution.

Quesion: How to organize all the business cards and flyers from Maker Faire, US Science & Engineering Festival, SXSW Create, VSTE and ISTE? Lots of ideas & possibilities that would be lost if I just dumped it all.

Article Request: Lots of people asking about what 3D printers to buy for their struggling how to answer without writing a huge blog post…