American Selfie Concept

Brainstorming a new piece in response to seeing the red feed/blue feed phenomenon where the social media sites use algorithms to show you things it already knows you like.

The first step was pulling out a 3D selfie taken with a Sense scanner and trying out the basic color scheme. Each half would be hand-finished in my hand inking technique.screen-shot-2017-01-31-at-4-12-41-pm

After doing the mockup, I realized I wanted the scan to be of me screaming. The pose would need to work either as a scream of triumph or of anger depending on the perspective of the viewer. I asked on Twitter for help and Fred Kahl @fredini answered the call and sent me a scan of both a triumphant and an angry figure.

Laying out the scene in Tinkercad, made me want to explore having many different figures in a circle screaming in triumph/rage with their backs turned on each other. Each figure would be divided between red and blue.


The viewer would be able to circle the piece seeing each face in turn from multiple angles. A changing perspective changing interpretation of emotions and political leaning.

Would love to have someone commission this as a piece. Don’t know how that part of the art world really work. Perhaps I can do a single figure and shop it to local galleries? (This project makes me wish I had an Ultimaker 3 extended.)

Ideas, suggestions, advice? Leave a comment or contact me on Twitter @DesignMakeTeach