Pussyhat Stickers, Notecards and More

I went a little overboard this weekend creating Pussyhat related items using the Silhouette Cameo. I took my 3D Minifig Pussyhat design in Tinkercad and exported an SVG of the profile. I pulled the profile into Adobe Illustrator and started the tweaking design.


I’m making these design files available to you for FREE. Pussyhat Sticker and Card Designs (SVG)


I cut the designs out of vinyl on the Silhouette Cameo making a sticker for the Silhouette and the car window. I also cut note cards out of card stock.

I’m making the Silhouette Studio files available to you for free so your can use the basic version. Pussyhat Silhouette Studio Files (You need the Silhouette Studio upgrade to import SVG files.)


Here is the negative space from the car sticker used as a laptop sticker.

Digital fabrication isn’t just 3D printers, but a whole range of tools that can be used at home or in local libraries and makerspaces. Vinyl cutters, CNC mills and laser cutters are examples of machines that can quickly make great looking products. SVG files are vector format files that scale without loss of resolution.


Here is a Pussyhat stamp cut of Speedball Speedy Carve on the Othermill CNC machine.

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