WIP 006: In the Weeds

Musing: Right now a lot of professional development for educators is about just showing up. Seat time doesn’t equal engagement. How can educators receive credit for making/creating/implementing things? MakerEd for Maker Educators.

Musing: People are weird about numbers. My school division has a per pupil expenditure of ~$12,500. (Which isn’t high when compared to our region or nationally.) We’ve hit a student population of around 81,000. If you do the math it means the proposed budget is over a billion dollars. Somehow that is a crazy number that indicates the budget and school system are out of control.

Fortune: A solid challenge will bring forth your finest abilities.

3D Design Idea: Simplify3D support material makes interesting flexy design. How to use this deliberately?

Idea: KonMari method for digital life? Sparking joy in the makerspace? Does this design/tool/furniture spark creativity and joy?

Teaching Tolerance: Makerspace theme or unit? http://www.tolerance.org Empathy as antidote for bullying. Empathy as element in design process?

In the Weeds: Pushing this blog post out just to clear out some old notes. In the weeds right now in terms of balancing many of the commitments in my professional/personal/fablearn/maker worlds. Lots of stuff happening but blogging and personal fitness have taken a big hit. Trying to self-coach more productivity out.

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