ISTE 3D Printing Vendors

The ISTE 2017 Conference and Expo is approaching and I took the opportunity to comb though the expo interactive floor plan to find the 3D printing vendors in attendance. All the major players in the US market, with the exception of Printrbot, are represented. A strong indication that 3D printing manufacturers see the education market as a key for growth. I strongly recommend that ISTE attendees interested in 3D printing visit these booths. This is an excellent opportunity for educators to compare printers but more importantly to feel out the companies. Developing a strong relationship with a company can be a great way to ensure excellent support for your school program. Be sure to ask if they have any contests, discounts or ambassadors programs available.

There are a few companies selling robot arms that have add-on 3D printer head attachments but I would not classify these as 3D printer vendors. What did I miss? Leave a comment or contact me on Twitter @DesignMakeTeach.