Make: Education Forum 2017

Live blogging from the Make: Education Forum at the NY Hall of Science, Friday, September 22, 2017.

Dale Dougherty

Kylie Peppler:

Making, Thinking and Creating
-Tools make a difference in a Maker’s Life
-Lot of research that helps identify that tools do make a difference. Chutes & Ladders, blocks.
-Object to Think With (Papert) Teaching about the world and the interrelationships.
-Importance of choosing out tools wisely.
-Are our tools “Too Smart”?
-Connecting components with velcro. Creating serendipity.
-New toolkits
-Gaps in general population in understanding basic circuitry: Concepts current flow, polarity, connections.
-Measuring Gains 90 min. later after using different tool sets.
-How do tools prepare students for future learning opportunities?
-Etextiles as prep. Thinking about the path. littleBits magnets
-Think about transparency, tools and materials
-Who’s not yet at the table? What might be the toolkits of tomorrow?
-What are the new possibilities and opportunities. What is not out there?

Jie Qi
-Pop-up book with paper craft LEDs and electronics
-Blend of craft and technology: LED painting
-paper circuitry
-Reusable chibitronics controller
-Story/context provide meaning to the making

Hal Speed
Full Presentation:

George Hart
-There is an M in STEM
-Cable ties and laser cut wood structures
-Pencil & skewer structures
-Almost everything I’ve ever made becomes a hat at some point
-3 dimensional shadows of 4 dimensional objects
-HW: create a square bubble
*amazing deep dive in a content area
-String Rings
*String ring algorithms: @jburker turtle are connection
-SOMA Puzzle: Make with cardboard boxes
-Collosal Cardboard Construction
-Making large things that become centerpieces
-Laser cutter (or bandsaw) gives access to very complex, intricate designs
-Polystick puzzles: Popsicle Sticks.