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Mom Ear Saver

Show your Mom you care. Download and 3D print a Mom Ear Saver strap.

Mom Gimbal

Download and 3D print a print-in-place spinny gimbal design for your Mom.

Mom Card

MOM Card is perfect for every situation. Download and 3D print this free model for your MOM.

Mom Bowl

Free Mom Bowl model for 3D printing. Scale and use as a planter, candy dish or necklace holder.

Kindergartners Make Marvelous Mother’s Day Pendants

An elementary art teacher asked me to help with a Mother’s Day project for her Kindergarten class. She wanted heart shaped cookie cutters of a specific size for cutting out clay tiles. I… Continue reading

Sharpie to 3D Print in 30 Minutes

Go from Sharpie drawing to 3D print in less than 30 minutes using this quick tutorial. This makes a great demonstration to introduce 3D printing. I have used this process with three different… Continue reading