Digital Fabrication in the Classroom

Mon, February 5th, 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM, 9C

Bell Ringer:  What digital fabrication tools do you have in your learning environment? What do you hope to take away from this session?

Presentation: TCEA1DigiFabClassroom2

0 Things: Diversity, Opportunity & 3D Printing:

Collaborative Notes:

Challenge: Design and publish a digital fabrication model/design for use in the classroom. Share published design & URL on twitter with #TCEA @DesignMakeTeach. (Tinkercad –> Thingiverse?)

Submit a File:

Closure: Share your original published project and what you are taking away from this session.


Challenge #1: TCEA_DesignMakeMarket_Handout
Drawing to Photo

Photo to Vector:, Illustrator, Inkscape
2D Design:
Vector Drawing:
2D Vector Repositories:,
Vinyl Cutter Demo: Silhouette Cameo
3D Repositories:
3D Design:,, (iPad $)
3D Printer Unboxing: Ultimaker 3
3D Printer Dance:
3D Slicing:
3D Customizer:
3D Lithophanes:
3D Map:
3D Scan: ???, (IOS $)
Gcode Visualizer: & Bendaroos
CNC Design:
Buying a 3D Printer:


-FREE electronic edition of  Meaningful Making: Projects and Inspirations for FabLabs and Makerspaces
-Mini-Maker Notebook:
Design Engine Community Project: and
Invent to Learn: and
-Making without a 3D printer or Laser: and
-3D Printing Applications:

-3D Printing Materials  Guide:
-3D Printing in Color:
-Designing for Laser Cutter with Inkscape: