Scaling Up the Makerspace

Bell Ringer:  What spaces & tools do you have for making in your school?

Presentation: TCEA2ScalingUpMakerspace

Collaborative Notes:–edULDqtfl6OZTLj0ky7pOT-E6AlRpOxQA0/edit?usp=sharing

Challenge: Create a 90 sec video describing YOUR next steps for scaling up your makerspace.

Makerspace Starter Kit Business Card: MakerspaceCardA & MakerspaceCardB


-FREE electronic edition of  Meaningful Making: Projects and Inspirations for FabLabs and Makerspaces

Invent to Learn: and

CTE Makeover Challenge Bootcamp:

Makerspace Playbook:

-Youth Makerspace Playbook:

-Summary of My School CTE Makeover Challenge Proposal

-My School CTE Makeover Challenge Budget