TSTT Live Blog: Thursday 1/30, 9AM – Noon

Welcome to an experimental live blog of a workshop for a group of Today’s Students, Tomorrow’s Teachers. #TSTT #edtech
Tune in Thursday, 1/30, from 9 AM-Noon
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Theme: Media and Technology Literacy.
The objectives are:
-Enhance students’ awareness of web-based tools, resources and strategies.
-Ensure that students are literate in various media and technology formats and functions.

Student participants in the workshop will be blogging, tweeting and making. Refresh this page Thursday, 1/30, from 9 AM-Noon to see the latest updates. Look for the hashtags #TSTT #edtech on Twitter/Instagram and share tips and advice on the use of technology in the classroom.

Possible Activities:
-Tell the world about yourself. (Make/Document Camera/Share Photos via Instagram&Twitter&Blog)
-Technology in the Classroom: I wish… (Write/Post Twitter & Blog/hashtag)
-Teach a teacher something. (Make/Short form Video/Post Instagram or Vine & Blog)
-Why do you want to be a teacher? (Reflect&Write/Post Twitter & Blog)
-Design (Tinkercad/iDraw)

9 AM: Setup and waiting for the students.

9:18 AM: Student are making something to tell the world about themselves.

9:33 Tweeting out our Making activity.
-I really love books and tea! #tstt #edtech
-I like baking, listening to music and playing basketball.
-I like to listening music and I love to dance!!!


9:47 Blogging about Technology in the Classroom
-I wish we had ipads to use in the classroom so we have other ways to learn.
-I wish we had computers in the classroom to do research more easily.
-I would like to have a tablet so that way i can get all my school stuffs organized.

10:10 Exploring 3D Printing and Design

10:18 Physical Computing: MakeyMakey

10:45 Resetting for next group. Stay tuned and tweet your tech tips to #TSTT #edtech.

11:05 Make something to tell the world why or what you want to teach…
-I want to teach guitar because I think its really cool to have the opportunity to be able to teach other people about what you know.
-I want to be a music teacher because I enjoy singing and entertaining.
-I want to teach because I like to help others.

11:29 Technology in the classroom. I wish….
– I wish we had Ipads because i feel like we could receive and send out information quicker between the teacher and student.
– I wish our education was more involved with technology so our voices could be heard all over the world.
– I wish we had ipads because we can use it to use the musical apps and be able to get things right then and there instead of waiting for it.
– I wish we could have more technology to communicate with the teachers differently.  Instead of raising our hands we could have a classroom chat room.

11:45 3D Printing & Physical Computing

Year of the Ox design in Tinkercad https://tinkercad.com/things/bXZiYiyWkuw-year-of-the-ox