TSTT LIVE BLOG: Friday 1/31, 10:30–NOON EST

11:55 Closure: What I learned Today
-Is doing a lot of hands on activities , is very helpful.
-designing 3d doodles.
-How to use technology to my advantage.
-How to use a 3D printer
-How the whole world can see my ideas and opinions.

11:15 Technology in the Classroom
-I wish we could video tape class so if I had a question on my homework I could just go back through the lesson
-I wish we could have I-pads so that we can provide more information that teachers could give us on the topic to become even more successful.
-I wish we could have our cell phones in class because then we could put our homework and reminders in it because we check our phones a lot more
-I wish we could use laptops while taking notes to make it more efficient.
-I wish we could use different computer programs other than power points when doing projects

10:45 What and Why I Want to Teach

Welcome to an experimental live blog of a workshop for a group of Today’s Students, Tomorrow’s Teachers. #TSTT #edtech

Tune in Friday 1/31 from 10:30-Noon, EST.
Read Day 1 Blog here.

Theme: Media and Technology Literacy.
The objectives are:
-Enhance students’ awareness of web-based tools, resources and strategies.
-Ensure that students are literate in various media and technology formats and functions.

Student participants in the workshop will be blogging, tweeting and making. Refresh this page Friday 1/31, 10:30-Noon EST, to see the latest updates. Look for the hashtags #TSTT #edtech on Twitter/Instagram and share tips and advice on the use of technology in the classroom.

Possible Activities:
-Tell the world about yourself. (Make/Document Camera/Share Photos via Instagram&Twitter&Blog)
-Technology in the Classroom: I wish… (Write/Post Twitter & Blog/hashtag)
-Teach a teacher something. (Make/Short form Video/Post Instagram or Vine & Blog)
-Why do you want to be a teacher? (Reflect&Write/Post Twitter & Blog)
-Design (Tinkercad/iDraw)