Collaborative Art Project: Bubbles on a Page

I have been invited to present at a Pecha Kucha event in DC on February 22nd. Presenters show 20 photos which are shown for 20 seconds each.

IMG_3539 IMG_3544

As part of the presentation, I wanted to show a photo of a standardized test “bubble” sheet as a means of talking about how student are much more than bubbles on a page. This sparked the idea of a collaborative art project in which multiple participants starting from the same template showed their individual identity. You are invited to participate.

I’ve posted an .STL file  and a .PDF of the template on Thingiverse

“I am more than bubbles on a page!”
The purpose of this piece is as a prompt for a collaborative art project to respond to the obsessive and excessive testing culture in schools. You are invited to download the piece and remix it, adapt it and use it to express your feelings towards standardized testing and as an expression of individual identity.

Please post your response to this Thing as a well lit top down photo in some public medium. Your piece does not have to be 3D printed. Post either here on Thingiverse as an I Made One or as a new thing citing this as a source or leave in the comments how to find a publicly posted photo. The short term goal is to use any responses as part of a public PechaKucha performance about Making in the Classroom where individual panels will be used in a single photo collage. Initial responses are needed by 2/7/14.



Update: First finished composition of Bubbles on a Page.

More Than Bubbles Final Image