What’s in Your Makerspace?

A common question I hear from fellow maker educators is, “What’s in your makerspace?”

My school is one of 10 winners of the US Department of Education’s CTE Makeover Challenge so my answer is much different this year than last. In total, we won $50,000 in cash in prizes in addition to the existing hardware provided by the school system.

Here is the list that we have for the teachers in our building.

Laser Cutter: Cuts/engraves wood, acrylic, cardboard, paper, plastic. Engraves glass and cylinders with rotary attachment.
-Epilog Zing 50 Watt (existing hardware)

3D Printers: Print objects from plastic.
-Afinia H800 (existing hardware)
-Makerbot Replicator+
-2 x Dremel 3D40
-Printrbot Play

CNC Machines: Cut and shape wood, plastic, aluminum, circuit boards, linoleum blocks.
-Othermill by Othermachine
-Handibot by Shopbot
-Techno Isel CNC mill (existing hardware)

Vinyl Cutter: Cut vinyl and paper for stickers, signage and t-shirts.
-Titan 2 Vinyl Cutter 28” from US Cutter
-Clam shell Heat Press from US Cutter
-Hat Heat Press from US Cutter

Button Maker: Make buttons 2 1/4” and 1 1/4” and 1 1/4” keychains and zipper tabs.
-Button makers by American Button Machines
-Graphic punch by American Button Machines

Repair Station: Tools needed to repair computers, tablets and phones.
-iFixit Small Business Repair Kit

2 x Mobile Maker Carts: 8 tool totes with hand tools, crafting supplies and consumables. (This will be a separate blog post.)

Makerspace Modules
-8 x littleBits electronics invention kits for prototyping
-30 Makey Makey Classic kits for creating controllers and inventions
-14 SparkFun Tinker Kits (Arduino)
-2 Raspberry Pi Kits
-Cubelets easy block robotics kit.
-Sphero robot for programming
-LEGO regular and Bionicles

Coming Soon: SnapOn Tool Chest filled with hand and power tools.

So… what’s in you makerspace?

Feel free to leave your answer or a link in the comments section or reach out on Twitter @DesignMakeTeach.