WIP 004: Getting Things Done

This week’s Work In Progress has a number of ideas for articles and designs that I managed to publish before uploading this post. The time from idea to product is getting shorter. I’m approaching publishing something every day or two which is a step up from my typical post every two weeks.

Sylvia Martinez’s urgings to the FabLearn Fellows to post content without over thinking and polishing it has been in my mind the past few months. Over the years, there has been a ton of idea that never make it to the page. Part of it is that I’ve always aspired to  DesignMakeTeach having magazine quality content. (What if there was a MakerEd magazine!) However, with all the great books, articles and content about MakerEd/FabLearn/Makerspaces the bar has been set pretty high. This has caused me to doubt where my blogging efforts fit into the bigger scheme.

How can I provide value to my rather niche audience? I’m leaning towards treating the blog more of a maker/artist/educator’s journal/scrapbook/portfolio kind of thing. What do you think?

Design Ideas: Greater America (DONE! https://designmaketeach.com/2017/01/08/greater-america-a-3d-portrait/).  Myth busters logo. Refine Flexy Washington Monument dimensions (DONE! http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2013449). Hidden Figures.

Idea: Creating a life dashboard. Explicitly developing/learning/teaching organizational skills. Using Trello at the moment. An extension of the problems in my Maker Project Chaos  post but encompassing entire life.

Idea: Social media diet in order to increase productivity. I spend a LOT of time on social media seeking external validation. The computer is programming me! (Papert Mindstorms reference.)

CNC Idea: Pinewood Derby cars. There is a parent/open category. Might be fun to work in  Fusion 360 and then use Othermill to design cool car.

Project Idea: washedashore.org type sculpture incorporating 3D Printing & makerspace waste. #ScienceSavesSeas

Lesson Plan: Mystery Artifact lesson. Students presented with unidentified artifacts from a particular time period. Need to research and report on purpose and significance of the object. (Reference Antiques Roadshow, American Pickers, Pawn Stars. Maybe History Pickers.) Next phase students create their own artifact for digital fabrication. Provide the correct answer. (DONE! https://designmaketeach.com/2017/01/11/mystery-artifact-lesson/).

PD Session: School AVID program uses Cornell note taking method. Is there a note taking method that works for makerspaces / design / engineering?

Blog Management: I’m posting designs on Thingiverse & other sites. What happens when those sites go down? I should post designs on my site first & then to Thingiverse/Youmagine as secondary distribution channels. Drive viewers to my site for design details so they can find other content?