Makerspace Starter Kit 2018

The Makerspace Starter Kit has been updated for 2018! Now in handy business card size for your next MakerEd workshop or professional development event. In three, ready-to-print formats that you are free to customize. Makerspace Starter Kit Card (.zip)

Fold your Makerspace Starter Kit in half to create a tent. Place your Makerspace Starter Kit in a free space in your classroom, library, workshop or community space. Talk to everyone about your new Makerspace. Your Makerspace is the natural home for donations and grants. Be open to every opportunity to acquire supplies, support, users, expertise and community. Now that you HAVE a Makerspace, you can stop worrying about getting starting and put your time and energy into growing your space.

Inside the fold of your Makerspace are free resources to start you out on your journey. Ultimately every Makerspace is different, reflecting your community needs and resources. You don’t have to have every piece of gear or software. Start small and don’t be afraid to learn with your Makerspace users.

The Makerspace Starter Kit follows the model of the folk tale Stone Soup. In the story of Stone Soup, a traveler wanders into a village and places a stone and water into a pot and places it over a fire. He loudly declares to the suspicious villagers that he is making a wonderful soup that all are free to share. He tastes the soup and says it is almost ready and only needs a little something to make it perfect. In time, each of the villagers contributes to the soup and everyone including the traveler partake in a delicious meal. The Makerspace Starter Kit is the stone. It is a focal point for your declaration that this is a MAKERSPACE. It is your job to convince the members of your community that making will feed the spirit of kids, that kids can and should learn by making. The global maker village has already contributed many free resources for your makerspace. Your local village has the ingredients to grow your makerspace.

You are not alone. You are part of a global community of makers and educators. Join the discussion on Twitter or in Google groups/communities, write a blog or post photos on Instagram/Pinterest, share your project on Thingiverse/Tinkercad/Instructables.

This Makerspace is my gift to you.

Josh Ajima