Infill-Only 3D Prints


Creating an infill-only 3D print is a quick way to add complexity to a model without needing any design skills. Simple solid shapes like Egg by kellyegan are a great place to start experimenting with settings. Creating these designs are as simple as setting perimeters/outlines in your slicer to 0. The print will consist only of infill. Changes in the percent infill or infill pattern will create dramatic changes in the design.


To create a fine lace pattern, set the nozzle size in your slicer to a higher value than the real nozzle size and then set the infill percentage to 100%. I sliced for a 0.8mm nozzle but used a 0.25mm nozzle on the printer. I turned down the extrusion multiplier to 0.2 to compensate for the smaller nozzle diameter. I had issues with the filament stripping on a test print so turned off retractions.


These infill-only prints look great in white but they really pop when colored with alcohol based inks.