How Glowforge Transforms into a Billion Dollar Company

There is less than 24 hours to pre-order a Glowforge 3D laser printer at the 50% discount price. Total pre-orders are over $20 million as last minute buyers decide to pull the trigger. With the clock ticking,… Continue reading

Ultimate Home Digital Fabrication Workshop

After spending an entire weekend checking out the latest maker tech at World Maker Faire New York, I have one question. What would it take to build the Ultimate Home Digital Fabrication Workshop? I’m lucky to… Continue reading

Marketing to Makers: Glowforge and Epilog

Two booth giveaways highlight radically different approaches to reaching #makerfaire audience @glowforge @EpilogLaser — Design Make Teach (@DesignMakeTeach) September 28, 2015 I recently sent out a Tweet showing two items from my Maker Faire NY… Continue reading

Fab Lab Loudoun Pitch

I’ve been interested in the Fab Lab concept since hearing Neil Gershenfeld talk at the 2005 NSBA convention. I’ve pitched the idea to several administrators in my district over the past 2 or… Continue reading

3D Printing in the Classroom: Maker Faire NY 2015

A big thanks to World Maker Faire New York 2015 for allowing me to share my story of 3D Printing in the Classroom The purpose of the presentation is to share a snapshots… Continue reading

Making Connections at Maker Faire Week

Maker Faire Week runs from Thursday, September 24th to Sunday, September 27th and encompasses MakerCon, Make: Education Forum and World Maker Faire New York. I have a ton of people to make… Continue reading

Experimenting with Stainless Steel Filament

Experiments with Stainless Steel filament from Proto-Pasta.  Find out more about this metal infused filament here. Be aware that the filament is highly abrasive and can wear out your nozzle quickly. See my polishing… Continue reading

Kitchen Science with the 3D Printer

Quick science exploration with a few 3D printed items. 3D printer is a great tool for creating identical objects for testing. Different printing settings allow for quick change of a single variable. Type… Continue reading

Help Feature Hispanic Heritage on Thingiverse Front Page!

Help! Thingiverse is interested in featuring the National Hispanic Heritage Month collection on the front page! But there is a problem. The name of the collection is too long. The title of the collection… Continue reading

National Hispanic Heritage Month Begins

Happy National Hispanic Heritage Month! (September 15-October 15) Managed to make quite a bit of progress on the National Hispanic Heritage Month Maker Challenge. Catch the initial brainstorm for the challenge here. I’ve recruited ELL,… Continue reading

Iterative Design

One of the amazing things about 3D printing and digital fabrication is that it empowers users with the ability to engage in rapid iterative design. Many projects lend themselves to only a single iteration; a… Continue reading

Tutorial: Custom Trophy in Tinkercad

I wrote a tutorial for creating a Custom Trophy in Tinkercad on the Printrbot Learn blog last year. A short teaser is below but you can read the full tutorial at I’m including this teaser… Continue reading