Blockhead Blank Design Challenge

I recently saw an article on the site showing the fabrication of small blockhead figurines based on the Tested mascots. Fabrication of a master model was done using a bandsaw and disc sander out of a specialty foam. The master was then used to make a silicone mold which in turn was used to cast resin models. The final product looks great.

I wanted to build a version of the model but thought it would be much easier to 3D print than to hand fabricate. I went looking for a 3D version of the model on and and was surprised to come up empty. There was a paper craft version of the model on and so I used that design for dimensions to create a 3D model on I designed the model to print upside down and modified the top of the arms arms slightly to follow the 45 degree rule when printing.
Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 9.25.25 PM
The Blockhead Blank can be used as inspiration for a design challenge. Create your own Blockhead model or remix the blank. Create new poses, accessories or characters. Create a Blockhead self-portrait. As a student design challenge, the Blockhead model hits all the right notes. It is a quick design to create in 3D modeling software using simple geometric primitives. The design sensibility fits in well with Minecraft and Lego for younger students and designer vinyl toys for older students. Scaling the model to 50% makes for a relatively quick print that also happens to fit in a 2″ gumball machine vending capsule.

Blockhead Design Challenge Thingiverse group: join & post your blockhead design or share your Blockhead creation with me on Twitter or Instagram @DesignmakeTeach or in the comments.

Download the Blockhead Blank on Thingiverse at

Download the Blockhead Blank on Youmagine at

Remix the Blockhead Blank on Tinkercad at

Models in photos printed on a Printrbot Metal Plus at 50% scale.